Noah’s Ark

The Noah’s Ark Project is using innovative techniques and modern technology to uncover the mystery of one of the world’s oldest wonders. Learn about the journey of the Noah’s Ark site from its original discovery to its modern day excavation.

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About the ark

Has Noah’s Ark Been Found?

30km south of the peak of Mt Ararat, Turkey — a boat-shaped formation sits on the slopes of the Mt Ararat mountain range. Initial scans of the site show the pattern of lines, indicating a man made structure deep beneath the surface. The Noah’s Ark Project is working to excavate the site and bring its true origins to light.

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Our work

Excavation Timeline

The excavation of the site is taking place in three stages

  • 01

    Scan the site thoroughly with modern equipment to document the structure of what is beneath the surface

  • 02

    Complete a small excavation from part of the scans to assess the presence of man made objects

  • 03

    With the help of fundraising, undertake a systematic archaeological dig of the Noah’s Ark site

Project history

Has Noah’s Ark Been Found?

  • The Great Flood

    In Genesis, God gave instructions to Noah an Ark to preserve life on Earth. The story of Noah’s Ark has been found in over 200 ancient accounts around the world.

  • Modern Discovery

    It wasn’t until photographs published in Life magazine in September 1960, that global attention was brought to the site and the first scientific investigations began.

  • Relocation of the Site

    Legend says Noah's Ark came to rest atop the volcanic peakknown as Mt Ararat and was preserved in a glacier. Ancient history tells a different story.

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our team

Meet The Project Team

The Noah’s Ark Project is run by Ross Patterson, and works with TUTAP (Tourism and Promotion Platform), an Ankara-based organisation, as well as Turkey’s Ministry of Tourism and Culture, and Anadolu University.

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